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Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing and Coaching

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Looking for Options, Recommendations, or Professional Support for your Organizing Project?

Virtual Organizing/Coaching is you and me working together via the phone or computer to streamline your physical space and your productivity.  

You’ll receive guidance and coaching through scheduled sessions and check-ins, as well as ongoing email support. 

Do You Need A Bosom Buddy?

If you need step-by-step assistance and support in all aspects of the organizing process, then I’ll be your Bosom Buddy.  I’ll guide you and teach you how to: 

  • Sort, purge, and make decisions, especially about sentimental items
  • Find logical homes for items
  • Use containers for easy identification and access
  • Create systems/routines/habits that complement your lifestyle
  • Provide options for offloading items (charity, sell, gift/regift, or recycle)
  • Product research and recommendation

Do You Need A Consultant?

If you are a DIY-er and need only expert, peripheral coaching, I’ll serve as your Consultant.  I can help you:

  • Create or fine-tune an Action Plan
  • Trouble-shoot when you get stuck 
  • Suggest and/or research product options
  • Be accountable through Check-ins to keep your momentum and stay on track

Whether you need me as a Bosom Buddy, a Consultant, or a little bit of both, I make sure that you have the direction, planning, products, systems and support that you need for success!

More Space Thanks to Carol!

Carol’s kind nature and wonderful insight helped me solve a few organization challenges with a multi-functional room in my home.  She guided me through storage solutions and identified ways to free up space and compartmentalize each work space.
Thank you Carol!   I’m glad that you can work with me virtually.
Dawn G. |Bakersfield, CA