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From Overwhelm

To Space and Clarity

From Overwhelm

To Space and Freedom

Where can I park my car?

Wouldn’t you love to get both cars in your garage?  What to do with all this stuff that you paid money for but that you don’t really use anymore?

Mission Accomplished!

All my clients agree that they are actually relieved to exchange  their un-used stuff for parking space in the garage.  I can help you donate, set up for a garage sale, or advise for CraigsList sales.



Waking up with a clean, organized and simplified sleeping space is important to start the day right!

An Invite for a Good Sleep

A bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation when the day is done.

Disordered Bedroom

Neat & Tidy Bedroom

Clothing Well Hidden

Finding Things You Never Knew You Had

Small Adjustments

Big Changes!



Do you ever start working on a project, then think up another great project and start to work on that, too?  Pretty soon, your materials become overwhelming and paralyzing.

Ahhhh Now I Can Breathe

White space is good in a home office!  Open space makes you feel relaxed, motived, and more in control. 


This bookcase was used to store office supplies, mail, photos in boxes, luggage, decor, gifts, purchases to be returned, and memorabilia.

What a Difference!

It’s now a pleasure to visually drink in the beauty of this purposefully sectioned bookcase.

Resting Space for Clutter

This is a classic example of “I’m not sure where this belongs, so I’ll put it here for now.”  Four years later, as the accumulation grows, you’re left with a cluttered space that zaps away your energy and motivation.  Can you relate?

So Much More Inviting

We unearthed 11 boxes, purged most of it, removed the shelves,  and transformed the cluttered space into an office lounge for reading and power naps. 

Clutter Begets Clutter

A flood forced this couple to quickly box up their belongings.  After the repairs were complete, boxes remained unpacked because, well, life got really busy! Unfortunately, clutter begets clutter, and soon enough, it was spread throughout their home.

Love that Elbow Room!

We painstakingly sifted through all the items on the floor, desk and in the boxes.  Most items were either gifted or donated, leaving only what the couple truly use, need or love.  Now wife and hubby now have plenty of work space and elbow room for their bedroom office.

Clearing Up a Desk

Now it can Function!

Chaotic Office

When she accepted her promotion, this client inherited a chaotic office with paper piles literally cascading from the desk to the floor.  

Categorized & Organized

Papers were categorized, then given a home (in either the shredder or a logical filing system).  Now, only the tools that she uses regularly at her desk remain on her desk.

Tackling those Tricky Corners

Making it Make Sense Finally!


The Landing Spot

Too often the Kitchen Island serves as a landing spot for things that need to be put away or don’t belong in the kitchen at all.  All items here were either trash or just needed to put away.

Honor This Space

This space now serves as the Command Center for the home.   There is plenty of space for planning, meal prep, and short-term transition for groceries.  The family learned to honor this open space by implementing the PAN rule:  Put Away Now!


If an item was used, it was left on the kitchen counter.  Or on the kitchen island.  Or on top of the fridge.  Or the window sill…

Ahhh, plenty of space to rest your eyes.

The only items on the counters are the things that are used every day.  Organized spaces are maintained by developing habits, such as putting something away when you are done using it.


Disordered Spices & Supplements

Now Accessible and Visible!

Pantry Blockage

Open Access


Top & bottom shelves both have canned food and office supplies mixed up.  Client had to take out all canned food on top if she wanted to use the laminator.

Canned for Convenience

Top shelf  is for canned food and cleaning supplies, while the bottom shelf is exclusively for office supplies.  Labels on the boxes allow the client to know what’s inside without opening it up.


Boxes on Boxes

A New Open Space!

A Crowded Space

A Room Revealed!

Personal Spaces

Every possession on these surfaces are important but need their own place.

Lovingly Placed

Enjoying the relaxing spaces in between our personal effects gives joy and renewal!

Living Room

Living Room

The Living Room was being used as a drop-zone:  laundry, groceries, store purchases, backpacks, gifts, etc.  

Better Focal Point

We reduced the novelties on entertainment center, then moved it to the corner.  This presented a more attractive focal point. Rearranging the furniture better defined the living room.