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Paper Management

Let’s pare down your papers into intuitive files and/or binders

Are your papers out of control? Not sure which papers need to be kept, or for how long?

    We will sort your papers into categories that make sense to you, purge what is no longer needed, and create a filing or binder system with labels so that you can find any document quickly and with ease.  We will also create a simple maintenance routine so that papers never pile up again.

    I Felt I Was Drowning in Piles of Paper!

    There were many items that I had not had time to organize, and then I inherited my parents’ massive paper files upon my dad’s death.

    Carol came in and systematically began helping me, pile by pile.  She gave me guidance in how to purge the unnecessary.  At the end of the day, we had created categories and sub-categories.  What started as an overwhelming mess was put into a calm and smart system.

    Beke J. | San Pedro, CA