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Home Organizing

We will transform your chaotic spaces into peaceful places

Home Organizing is determining which items you use, need, and love, and finding the best space for them to live.  

We assist you in thoughtful decision-making, provide earth-friendly (whenever possible) options for discard items, and customize systems for easy maintenance.

Reduce stress.  Save time and money.  Create lasting change in your home.

All Bundles Include

• Assessment and Project Planning

• Decluttering & Organizing Coaching

• All decluttering supplies:  boxes, bags, and specialty tools

• Shopping:  Product research, order, pickup

• Customized systems for easy maintenance

• Discard Removal:  donations, recycling, e-waste (one car-load per session)

• Email and phone coaching between sessions

• Optional Homework between sessions

• Follow up call

• Coordinating 3rd Party services such as a Handyman or excess trash/donation removal, etc

If you have not found what you are looking for, please Reach Out to us.  We are happy to discuss your individual needs.

Carol is My Go To Organizer!

Carol has helped me organize many rooms in my home:  garage, living room, kitchen, dining room, and most recently, my walk-in linen closet.

I couldn’t believe all the excess that we had been holding onto:  42 extra pillow cases, 8 mate-less sheets, untouched swim/pool toys, broken slippers, and an irreparable air mattress, to name a few.

Carol is patient, upbeat, and finds flexible solutions to help our family of five live together in harmony.

Lisa M. | Rancho Bernardo, CA