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Amazed at Results!

My kitchen and living room were a disaster and Carol came and created a plan to organize. She was so good at making me feel comfortable with the process.

We had to keep, Get Rid Of, and I Don’t Know piles. She really helped me go through them in a gentle manner and I feel so happy when I walk into the spaces now!

She really loves what she does and makes the process so comfortable. I felt amazed at the results when she finished. I highly recommend Carol!

Rose S. | La Mesa, CA

Professional & Caring!

Carol did such a great job in my kitchen that I asked her to also do my garage. She was very patient and understanding in helping me go through all the stuff that was boxed up from mom from years ago.

There was so much stuff that I didn’t even remember and didn’t know why I was still keeping. Carol was very respectful about my things, even though lots of it ended up as trash.

It was very emotional but I feel good knowing that the meaningful pieces are stored safely and, thanks to Carol, LABELED!

Carol really listened and cared about what was important to me. I highly recommend her and her services.

Beth O. | Tierrasanta, CA

Good Listener, Efficient, Flexible!

After being frustrated with getting stuck time and time again in the clean out process, Carol’s “Here to Help, not to Judge” philosophy plus the positive 30-minute free Zoom chat, convinced my husband and me to hire Carol to get us started. 
Carol’s help has jumpstarted our first project of the home office and the results are on the way to amazing. Being a good listener, efficient and flexible are just some of Carol’s wonderful traits and we finally felt that we had the kind of partnership we needed as well as answers to the plaguing clutter questions. 
We can’t wait to work with Carol again. You will not be disappointed!
Sharon E. | Carlsbad, CA

It was a Life-Changing Experience!

I gained skills and the confidence to build organizing systems for all the areas of my home.  Carol fixed the problem areas, and now it’s functional AND orderly.

I have always wanted to be organized but l would get stuck when trying on my own.  She does all the measuring and research on what products can work for your space based on your style and needs.  Ultimately you get to choose what works for you.

I’ve had people try to help me organize and they put things where they think it should go.  Carol understands no two households are identical and therefore you get your custom organizing system.  Worth the money period.

Carolyn A. |San Diego, CA

Carol changed my life!

My anxiety about my bedroom was up to 10, and I was scared and embarrassed to even talk about it but I just couldn’t live this way anymore.

Carol made me feel so very comfortable and safe. She is patient and helped me make decisions so I didn’t feel pressured. I got rid of so much stuff and everything I need I can get easily. My room feels gigantic now.

I am so grateful for Carol’s help and kindness. Highly, highly recommend her.

Yvette P. | Poway, CA

Excellent & Fun Presentation!

Carol Sanborn definitely a Professional Organizer I would recommend to any person or company looking to declutter, downsize or simply organize an area in their home or work place! 
I had the pleasure to experience the class has for our seniors at Serving Seniors San Diego and I can testify to the friendly energy she bring to her practice. Our Seniors have also expressed they would love to keep having this class offered often to help them declutter their homes in hopes of eliminating tripping and other injury hazards.  She is our very own San Diegan “Marie Kondo”!
Imelda G.  | Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
Serving Seniors|San Diego CA

I Feel Back in Control of My Home!

I called Carol because I felt overwhelmed with clutter in my master bedroom.  This has been hard on my husband of 54 years, and caused lots of problems for me as well.  I could not focus on projects and I felt guilty all of the time.

Since Carol came to help me, I feel back in control of my home.  She was encouraging and gave me other hints to avoid this happening again.  The stress is off of my shoulders.  The guilt feelings are gone, and my husband is very happy!

Carol is professional, sensitive, (not pushy), and very organized.

Marilyn C. | Rancho Bernardo, CA

Carol Truly Knows Her Stuff!

Carol’s process of organizing is fantastic!  Her help with focusing on an area, dreaming about a space, and then working to create beauty that is functional is worth every penny.  I not only achieved my dream pantry but the functionality has transformed our lives.

Because everything in my pantry has a home and everything is labeled and organized so perfectly, it only takes minutes to put away my groceries (which is usually an abundant amount).  I am looking forward to using Carol in other spaces in my home.

Robyn E. | Carlsbad, CA

Carol Gave Us Room to Breathe!

My husband and I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment and the walls were closing in on us. We had accumulated so much stuff and there was just no where to put it all. 

Carol helped us sort and make decisions on what to keep and what needed to go and provided us with solutions for storage and organization. 

Our home went from a cluttered mess to tidy and functional. We’re not embarrassed to have company over anymore! 

We can’t recommend Carol enough.  Her services are invaluable!

Debra T. | San Diego, CA

Carol is Great at What She Does!

With equal attention to functionality and aesthetic, she helped me transform the messy “storage space” at my office into a thoughtfully organized and welcoming room.  

Her step-by-step approach turned this initially daunting project into a very manageable and methodical process. She made it easy to get organized and stay organized!  Thank you, Carol!

Julia W. | San Diego, CA

Carol is Amazing!

I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about cleaning out my garage.  After Carol helped me come up with a vision and Action Plan for my garage space, I instantly felt relief.

We got to work right away and by the time Carol left, I felt excited and joyful because my vision was coming to fruition! 

It is more than just organizing; it’s about creating a sense of calm & order that flows into all areas of your life. 

Carol is excellent at bringing hope and confidence and walking you through the process!  Thank you, Carol!

Terri F.  |  Rancho Bernardo, CA

Carol is My Go To Organizer

Carol has helped me organize many rooms in my home:  garage, living room, kitchen, dining room, and most recently, my walk-in linen closet.

I couldn’t believe all the excess that we had been holding onto:  42 extra pillow cases, 8 mate-less sheets, untouched swim/pool toys, broken slippers, and an irreparable air mattress, to name a few.

Carol is patient, upbeat, and finds flexible solutions to help our family of five live together in harmony.

Lisa M. | Rancho Bernardo, CA

Carol is Fantastic!

Carol is prompt and 100% engaged during the whole task.  She helped me organize my office and new home and got me back on track.  

She found a large donation receipt that I would have missed but can now use for my taxes.  I can’t say enough good things about her.

Mark E. | Carlsbad, CA

I Give Carol the Highest Recommendation!

I am a recent empty-nester and looking to get some things organized and clutter free. 

I had a great meeting with Carol over Zoom, and she helped set up an approach for dealing with my many piles of papers. She helped me identify what would work for me and gave me some great steps to get things in motion. 

I came away feeling positive and motivated and have found her suggestions very useful. She is excellent at what she does. 

Margherita L. | Los Osos, CA

Carol’s Services Have Changed Our Lives!

After decluttering, the listing photographer was able to take great pictures that showed lots of open space in our home (which we didn’t even know we had!).  

She also helped us adopt a healthy mindset about our items so we can prevent clutter in the future.  Packing for our new home is much easier since we have so much less stuff.

Raj T. | San Diego, CA

More Space Thanks to Carol!

Carol’s kind nature and wonderful insight helped me solve a few organization challenges with a multi-functional room in my home.  She guided me through storage solutions and identified ways to free up space and compartmentalize each work space.

Thank you Carol!   I’m glad that you can work with me virtually.

Dawn G. |Bakersfield, CA

When I Retired, It Was Time to Declutter My House

Carol helped me deal with the physical “stuff”, but she also recognized that this was a very emotional journey for me.
I have reached my goal of having less “stuff”.  More importantly, I now know where my remaining stuff is, and can actually retrieve what I need.
Christine S. | San Diego, CA

Thanks for Your Help!

What  a relief after you’ve rearranged our kitchen!  I didn’t realize how much  redundancy we had accumulated until you showed up. Now we can find what  we’re looking for without the frustration of rummaging through drawers  and cabinets overloaded with assorted unrelated items. 

You arrived on time and did an and efficient job with a cheerful attitude and at a  reasonable cost.  I would recommend you to anyone who can use help with  putting  order into their home. 

Steven R.  |   Encinitas, CA

Wish I Had Known About Your Earlier!

Just a note of many thanks for showing me the basics about organizing my limited workspace.  

Before you, I compulsively kept papers of all sorts stashed under my desk- what a mess!  But with your patient training, I was able to change my attitude about “letting go” of all that paper.  Furthermore, I am now confident that I can do my job more neatly and comfortably, since I don’t have those boxes of papers under my desk anymore! 

Naomi K.  |  Medford, OR

I Will Definitely Use Carol’s Services Again!

I was in great need of help and felt I was drowning in piles of paper.  There were many items that I had not had time to organize, and then I inherited my parents’ massive paper files upon my dad’s death. 

Carol came in and systematically began helping me, pile by pile.  She gave me guidance on how to purge the unnecessary.  At the end of the day, we had created categories and sub-categories.  What started as an overwhelming mess was put into a calm and smart system.

Beke J.  |  San Pedro, CA

I Absolutely Emphatically Recommend Carol!

I hired Carol to help me clean out my 1 2/2 garage so that I could park my car and move my washer and dryer and other things stored in there.

Carol is full of energy, but she adjusted to my pace, so I didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed.  We worked just one wall at a time.  

It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Getting rid of useless items was liberating, and the feeling of accomplishment was just wonderful.

Toshiye E.  |  North Park, CA

Entertaining & Energizing Speaker!

Carol’s presentation was motivating and fun to listen to.  She shared useful information and practical, hands-on tips for organizing.  She kept the audience engaged with humor and personal stories that related to our audience. 

Carol’s welcoming personality made it easy for moms to ask specific questions and get suggestions about individual situations. 

 She is a clearly gifted communicator.  After the presentation, I received feedback from many inspired moms who took action immediately and put Carol’s tips to use. 

Thank you, Carol! 

Cassie W., BVCC MOPS Coordinator | Bonita Valley, CA

She is so Fast!

Carol gave my room a total makeover, especially my closet.  She helped me make decisions as to what to keep and I didn’t feel judged at all.
She is fast and took all my stuff to donation for me.  It feels so good to have my closet organized and everything I need is easy to see.
Melissa D. | Poway, CA