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What are your goals for refreshing your home?  Your goals will reveal which method to use for conquering the clutter.

Spring cleaning, decluttering, and downsizing are all terms that are commonly used when it comes to organizing our living spaces. While they are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between them. Understanding these differences can help you identify which process is right for your desired goal.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning refers to the annual deep cleaning that people do in the springtime.  It usually involves cleaning the entire house, from top to bottom, and getting rid of any unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the past year. It’s more about refreshing and revitalizing the home than it is about minimizing possessions. 

This is when we scrub baseboards, window sills, and vertical blinds.  We clear out obvious pieces in the cabinets, like the cracked popsicle molds and sticky cookie cutters, and perhaps change out window coverings or grungy shelf liners.

Many folks also use this time to rearrange furniture, and tackle home maintenance projects that have been put off.  Spring cleaning is also a great time to assess the condition of items in the home and determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced.


Decluttering, on the other hand, is a more focused process that involves removing excess belongings from the home. The goal of decluttering is to create more physical and mental space by removing items that are no longer used, needed, or wanted.  

This means gathering all the old baby toys, neglected cooking utensils, and too-small clothing that have been taking up space in closets and cabinets and bidding them adieu. For a whole-home declutter project, you can expect to eliminate 10-40% of your possessions.


Finally, downsizing is a more extreme version of decluttering that involves significantly reducing the amount of possessions that a person owns.  Downsizing is usually done when people are preparing to move into a smaller home or to a retirement community. 

Downsizing is all about simplifying and streamlining one’s possessions to match their new living space and lifestyle.  When downsizing, you can expect to remove 40-80% of your belongings, depending on the size of your new home.

While all three processes share some similarities, they each have different goals and methods. Spring cleaning is about refreshing and revitalizing the home; decluttering is about creating a more organized and functional living space; and downsizing is about simplifying and streamlining possessions. It is important to first clarify your goals so that you can use the best process to achieve them. 

Your Turn

Do you struggle with decluttering or downsizing?  No time to do either?  We can tackle your project with or for you.  

With expertise, patience, and compassion, we alleviate a lot of the stress and overwhelm that are inherent to home organizing projects. Our goal is for you to be elated with the results, empowered with organizing skills, and confident in your ability to remain clutter-free and organized in your beautiful home.

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