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Declutter & Downsize

Whether for moving homes or simplifying your life, Decluttering is therapeutic for your home, head, and heart

Transitioning to a smaller home?

Is the stuff in your home weighing you down, rather than lifting you up?

We serve as your guide throughout this sensitive process.You will understand the emotional ties between you and your stuff and YOU get to decide what goes and what stays.

Along with simplifying and organizing your spaces, you will also learn new skills and habits that will keep you in control and your home in order.

The Walls Were Closing In On Us!

Carol helped us sort and make decisions on what to keep and what needed to go and provided us with solutions for storage and organization.  Our home went from a cluttered mess to tidy and functional.  We’re not embarrassed to have company over anymore!

Carol’s services are invaluable!

Debra T | San Diego, CA